Our Music Projects

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Karelia Inspiration
Nordic popular and folk tunes
interpreted by Tuomas A. Turunen
Emil Brandqvist Trio
Emil Brandqvist Trio's concerts
in Finland
Operet Cabaret
A sparkling operetta-revue
in the spirit of the 20's
The Art of Wine
World class wines in music
  and images
NM2.jpg    VT_2013_web3.jpg  Kupletteja Juuasta production.jpeg
Naisemme maailmalla
Lied music from all sides
of Europe
   Valot Tuhannet
An authentic Finnish Christmas music experience since 2006
 Kupletteja Juuasta
Songs about life in a small North Karelian village in the 50's and 60's

About The Artists

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Musiikkiryhmä LuoTu  Tuomas A. Turunen Emil Brandqvist Trio Kauhukakara